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To assist with stimulating brain development to aide in a child’s ability to learn while functionally completing daily activities at home and school.

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Sensory Activities

Sensory regulation is simply assessing how a child responds to information coming into the body through the senses and how it is interpreted by the brain as soothing/calming, alerting, or aversive. Sensory self-regulation is an important piece to every classroom. Sensory processing skills are evaluated around the basic five senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell). Then the other two sensory systems are assessed as well: Proprioception (joint sense of motion) and Vestibular (movement with spinning whereby the head experiences different planes of motion). Many students require nervous system support to assist with remaining calm, attentive, and focused at school. Sensory breaks should be added to the visual schedule to include the type of calming or alerting activity that is recommended.​

Organization and Child Learning

A child’s brain thrives best when information is simple, structured and concise. It is best to have the classroom organized in a systematic way. Color codes for different subjects can also parallel to the same color label on a draw for supplies. This will allow for matching opportunities and association of the different learning concepts. Desk organizers and subject folders work well also. Promoting independence while the student moves through different activity areas/stations reinforces activity objectives and expectations for the student to meet daily.​