Our company emphasizes that it is essential that the left side of the brain be facilitated for language, communication, sequencing, comprehension, logic, reading, numbers and analytical thinking.   The right side of the brain develops skills for creativity, spatial, music, arts, visualizations, emotions, pictures, observations, and imagination.  When a child’s brain receives sequential input to stimulate all these areas in an organized fashion, progress will be observed. 

While this stimulation is being provided to the brain, it is equally important that nervous system remain in a calm state. This system can be broken down into the central nervous system (composed of the brain and spinal column) and the peripheral nervous system (which branch though out the body to communicate messages/signals about the body).   These peripheral nerves branch out through the body to transmit information to/from the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) about the body.  It is important that the information transmitted via the Autonomic Nervous System in the body is received as calming sensory input (parasympathetic nervous system responses).  This calm, attentive and focused state whereby sensory information is being processed normally in the body is known as sensory self-regulation. 

When the nervous system is provided with sensory input from supplies to aide in staying calm consistently every day, distractive behavioral responses from a child can be significantly decreased. This allows for the brain to process learning and training information.  Our company provides sequential guidance to help develop both the left and right sides of the brain combined with sensory and behavioral strategies.  When both sides of the brain work together alternating and processing information, the child flourishes in every aspect of life.  We provide training workshops, online consultations, webinars and supplies to enhance overall progression.  Autismsuppliesandtraining.com works closely with educators, therapists, parents, physicians, psychologist, social workers, medical professionals, schools and government agencies.

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Autism supplies to promote brain development and Sensory Processing Skills

The Power to Effect Change

Autismsuppliesandtraining.com acknowledges that the growth and development of a child diagnosed with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADD and ADHD is very important.  Our objective is to assist with providing supplies, parent information, and professional training to stimulate brain development and sensory processing skills to aide in a child’s ability to learn.

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To assist with stimulating brain development to aide in a child’s ability to learn while functionally completing daily activities at home and school.

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